Ways Villains are More Interesting to Her (and You can be Too)

One of the more common complaints you will find online is how often women seem to go for the bad guy. There are forums filled with the commiserations of a thousand men damned to be single forever just because they were too damn nice, or so they say. Heck, we’ve had the conversation once or twice ourselves; muttering our discontent into a lager at a pub in Ontario after being snubbed for the bad boy in black leather. What’s he got that’s so irresistible? Why does it seem like it’s always the villains that get the girls’ attention? Before you start understanding villains and online fling dating, you need to know what is a fling. Find out more about hookup dating at flingsitereviews.ca

He’s Probably More Charismatic than You Think

“They are oozing charisma”

Charisma is usually the stat used in games that determines things like whether or not someone will listen to what you say and how much something costs for you to buy from a merchant. The same is typically true in real life. You’re more inclined to give the pretty girl who smiled at you a discount on something you’re selling than the beautiful woman who acted like a complete snob the entire time. That, my friend, is the difference in charisma that no amount of fling dating information will ever make up for. When it comes to bad guys, charisma is usually something they have in spades.

Just think of all the recent villains in films for the past couple of years and how strong of a following they developed. There are now entire series revolving around cannibals and serial killers that make up television people have to pay extra just to watch. Why would they do that, and, more to the point, why do they have such large female followers? Charisma is almost always the primary culprit. These are the men that can convince a cat out of its skin, or smile and charm their way out of an argument. Behavior that we might scoff at as schmoozing or disingenuous can come off as smooth and confident if given the right lens. Now, we’re not suggesting you attempt to Casanova your way into bed right away, but watching how these guys interact with just about anyone can be a good start. Most of the time, what we see as obviously disingenuous is actually flattery, pure and simple, and a fake smile still better than none at all. It’s not that she wants to be lied to per say, it’s just that making yourself approachable means she’s going to be more willing to be around and listen to you, which brings us to our second point.

All the Best Villains are Sympathetic

“Who can forget Lex luthor from Smallville”

Be sure you’re not confusing these men with anti-heroes, which is a whole other can of worms. Fling dating information usually approaches this from the angle of self-disclosure and how much of it to make at any given time. These tips usually end up fairly close to right in most cases. The most important thing to remember about the sympathetic aspect of villains is that most people would not necessarily have gone through or could imagine going through the same things, but are necessarily moved to understand the bad guy’s motives for whatever he did that got him that title. The next most important thing to understand is that she can sympathize with him from a distance. While any sort of actual self-disclosure would normally require you to actually have a discussion with her in order to reveal something about yourself she could possibly sympathize with, you don’t have to do that with movies or books. There’s a whole lot more showing than telling and that can make this part tricky.

Ultimately, you’ll be best served swapping sympathy for empathy. There is a subtle but potent difference between the two. Whereas sympathy generally elicits the need to help, empathy spawns an emotional tug closer to understanding. It’s the difference between someone telling you to look for the silver lining and someone agreeing that whatever happened or how you feel sucks. The latter is empathy and women are very empathetic creatures. We’re not suggesting baring your soul on the first date, but offering her some way of connecting to you through sharing an experience you had is a good way to start. This can be good or bad, but if you’re going for the dramatic, veer towards the tears and you will be rewarded.

He is Outwardly Confident, but Probably Insecure

“He may look tough, but he is insecure”

This is where things really start to get heady. Women like secrets, but confidence has great sex appeal. Put these two things together and what you typically come away with is the rough and tumble exterior hiding the softer interior brimming with emotion. Most sites for fling dating information only address the former, suggesting you fake it ’til you make it with your confidence levels and eventually she’ll come along. The problem with that is simply where the advice ends. Someone who is just confident for no apparent reason is only appealing for a moment. Showing depth of character is what keeps a woman’s attention, which is why the more popular bad guys are always going to have a moment of revelation about their fears or insecurities at some point in their story. This is the secret, the dark past or shameful insecurity he wants desperately to hide from the world at large that women latch to because they would expect an intimate relationship to have access to this part of him that no one else does.

“Women love dark characters”

In other words, they are just as possessive as we are. Chances are you can bring easily to mind one or two things about someone else that you know you are one of few to know about. Especially when it comes to women, we get protective of those things pretty easily and affronted if she shares them with someone else, since it ruins our notions of importance and exclusivity. Well the same is true the other way around, and in the case of the popular villain, usually done in such a way as to make her feel closer to the character without him even having to address that secret or that insecurity on screen. Merely showing it is there is enough to illicit that sudden and deep connection.

Using this is a little more difficult than the above since it requires a fair amount of self-disclosure than can seem out of place in shorter relationships. Especially when it comes to fling dating information, this can seem impossible to pull off, but we promise it works when you get it right. The trick is finding the happy medium between the confidence to attract her attention and displaying enough depth to keep it. This can be easier than it sounds. One thing most guys immediately discount is a mild show of embarrassment she would actually probably enjoy. So hit up the Ontario pub crawl, flash a confident smile and show off your pool shots. Just don’t be afraid to follow it up by admitting you’re actually not that good, or that your mother taught you everything you know, or how you used to practice with your younger sibling because you were afraid of doing poorly in front of such a pretty woman.

Knowing How to Butter Her up so She Will Do What You Want

“Praise her beauty to get her in the mood”

Webcam sites can be a great experience if you like watching girls perform in any kind of way. It can be a great alternative to actually trying to hook up with women and if you’re particularly voyeuristic it can hit on quite the kink, as well. Part of the appeal behind using cam sites is that you can get the model to do more or less whatever you want her to do. If you have ever wanted to see a girl strip on cam for you, cam sites are going to have it in abundance. Of course, you’ll probably get bored of that fairly quickly and want to see something a little bit more exciting. You might be surprised by what a girl is willing to do on cam, because they can often get quite kinky with little warning. However, if you want to see her do something particularly kinky or perhaps even a bit strange, it may not always be easy to convince her to do it for you. Knowing how to butter a girl up and make her happy so that she will be more willing to do things for you is important so that you can get the most out of your cam site experience. Performers on sex cam sites might not always be immediately comfortable doing certain things live, but your kindness could change that.

After all, bursting into a model’s chat room and demanding that she do something is not the way to go about it if you want her to do anything for you. You have to be persuasive to get her to do what you want, no matter how vanilla or kinky it might be. A little bit of kindness can go a long way, especially on cam sites where she is probably not being treated very well by some of the other visitors, so it’s worth it to be nice, knowing how to make her comfortable can help you out when you want to make a request of her and get her to do something interesting on cam for you.

How Far You Can Go with Your Requests

“Make genuine requests which can be fulfilled easily”

Knowing how far you can go with what you ask her to do will help you realize when you might be crossing a line. Asking a model to do something she is seriously opposed to will not win you any points, and it will probably be next to impossible to get her to agree to it. While most girls are willing to do some pretty extreme stuff on cam, not all models are the same and some girls might be comfortable with different things. Finding out what she likes to do may be as simple as asking her what she would like to do on cam. If you take the effort to find out what she likes to do, she’ll make the experience much more enjoyable. If she has fun doing something, it’s going to be more exciting because she will be into it and happy to be doing it. If she’s just doing it out of a sense of obligation, it’s going to show and it will probably be quite boring for everyone involved.

Never ask her to do something that she’s said that she doesn’t want to do. This is the opposite of buttering her up and it can actually make her quite mad at you. It’s important to keep her feelings in mind when you want to get her to do something, because otherwise you’re not going to have all that much luck with getting her to do anything at all.

Be Polite but Persuasive

“After all, you are the client and she is performing for you”

You might think that cam girls have it easy. They only have to perform a bit on a site and they can wind up making big bucks for something that seems simple and easy to you. However, the job is actually a lot more demanding than it probably seems at first glance.
These hot cam girls put a lot of effort into their performance. Just visit camsitejunky.com and check any of the top adult cam sites, and you will find that these cam girls never have it easy. Remember that she is on one of the best live sex cam sites and that many users may be hostile. There are always countless trolls on cam sites that only want to make the performers upset, and it can seriously impact her performance. Instead of being rude, be polite and kind instead, and bargain from a better position. Treat her like an actual person and exchange pleasantries with her. Ask her about what she’s doing and find out what she might enjoy trying. The more you treat her like an actual human being, the more she will be willing to do for you. This might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised by how poorly guys tend to treat webcam models. A little kindness can definitely go far.

Work Your Way up to It

You should never ask her to do something right away, because it can be seen like you’re demanding something from her and it can wind up making her uncomfortable or angry. It’s worth the extra time that it will take to talk to her a bit before you start making demands of her. Also, you should avoid asking her to do something seriously kinky right off the bat. Start off with some simple requests and see how she responds to it. After all, she probably needs some time to get in the mood before she starts doing anything more strenuous and serious. Once she starts doing a few things that you asked her to do, it will be easier to get her to agree to keep going. Work your way up to your main request and make sure to keep the compliments going while you’re at it, because you want to keep her happy so that she will be more comfortable with performing and make sure that she is as relaxed as possible.

Make It Worth Her While With Just the Right Amount of Tip

“Do not tip her in large amounts”

Tipping is important if you want to get a model to do something for you. No girl wants to work for free, because she’s going through the time and effort to perform for you, which isn’t always easy. It can actually be quite physically demanding depending on what they are being asked to do, and it’s a tiring job for sure. As a customer on a live cam site, you have the ability to customize the incentive you offer to her. Tipping her is often the best way to butter her up and get her ready to do something you want her to do. Offering her a few small tips might be the best way to get her to gradually increase the level of what she is willing to do. However, laying one big tip on her may score you a private chat where you can have her all to yourself and try to get her to agree to do whatever it is you want. There are benefits to both kinds of tipping, but beyond just being polite it is important to note that money makes the world go round. Being kind and tipping well can get you the webcam show of your dreams, so you should always consider it instead of being stingy and refusing to tip her at all.

The Latest Sex Trends You Have Not Heard About

“Start thinking about sex”

When it comes to trendiness, you probably think about your wardrobe, hairstyles, music, and maybe even things like the type of car you drive or the bike you ride. Do you think about sex? If not, maybe you should. Believe it or not, there are trends in sex, and they subtly and not so subtly influence your life whether you know about them or not. Today’s sex trends are more guy-friendly than ever before. You might even say that the women’s liberation movement has freed up women in ways that have sparked something of a men’s sexual liberation.

Find an Affair Safely and Easily

“You can easily find a woman like her online”

One of the most beneficial sex trends for married men is using the internet to find an affair. Every day, more married people join affair dating sites, and the trend is only expected to grow. courtesy of www.affairhandbook.com These sites make it safer and easier to meet women for affairs than ever before in history. If you want to find an affair, but you’ve been too afraid that your wife will find out, this trend is the one you’ve been hoping for. You can enjoy extramarital sex without worrying that your wife will discover your activities. Almost all men fantasize about sex with women other than their wives, and now that it is so convenient and easy to find an affair, there’s no reason you shouldn’t live out those fantasies.

Swinging is No Longer Uncommon

Swinging used to be so uncommon, it was considered to be an odd fringe society activity that no one normal wanted to be associated with. But recent studies have show time and time again that open marriages are actually healthier, happier, and tend to last longer. This research, combined with how easy the internet has made it to hook up with other swingers, has helped swinging to go mainstream. Once the trend started to catch on, it spread like wildfire. Not only are more people getting involved with the lifestyle, more people are also discussing it openly, which is stripping away the stigma and helping people feel freer about trying it.

No Strings XXXconnect Hookups

“Enjoy a no strings attached hookup”

The no strings xxxconnect hookup trend is one that benefits everyone, whether you’re single, dating, or married. Men and women of every age are discovering the benefits to casual sex dating. The visit the site, put up profiles and engage in more open relationships and hookups then every before. There are a lot of reasons that sex in a no strings xxxconnect.com fling might be right for you. Maybe you’re in a happy relationship and you just want some meaningless fun on the side. Or maybe you’re not attached to anyone, and you don’t want to be! Your life is already full and busy. You’ve got a great job, an active social life, and you don’t want a relationship, you just want to have a good time. Both scenarios are perfectly good reasons to get in on the xxxconnect hookup trend. Make it work for you. Have great sex without having to worry about obligations and commitments.

The Latest Sex Trends Are All About Freedom

“Reclaim your sexual freedom”

All of the latest sex trends have two things in common. The first is that they’ve all grown and spread so rapidly and easily because of the internet. Things that once took years to catch on can now grow by leaps and bounds over the course of a couple of weeks. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can hook up with someone you’ve never met, or share an article about new sexual studies showing that promiscuity is normal. Secondly, and more importantly, all of these trends revolve around a central theme of sexual freedom. We’ve all been victim to the old ways of relating to sex and relationships. Surely, you were taught that the best way to go about having your sexual needs met was to get into a serious relationship, get married, and remain monogamous. Anything else was sleazy and immoral. But thankfully, the days of sexual norms being controlled by puritanical belief systems that use guilt and shame to control normal, healthy human desires are on their way out. If Generation Y has done one thing better than any other generation, it may very well be that they have done away with blindly doing what their parents did. They grew up questioning everything they were told, and as a result of this free thinking, their sex lives have looked different than any previous generation. While lots of trends come and go quickly, these sex trends appear to be not just sticking around, but growing. If you haven’t already taken advantage of what these trends can mean for your sex life, there’s no time like the present. Free yourself from outdated and stale belief systems and reclaim your sexual freedom. Unlike the mullet, this is one trend you will never regret trying.

3 Best iPad Financial Apps


“Manage your money – flawlessly”

With lots of activities one goes about each and every day, it’s quite hard to remain informed about all the financial information you need without having to watch business news and read business information. You will also find it really hard to remain in control of your own financial life. Due to these overwhelming life activities, there is a need to make one’s life simple by giving him or her the financial information as soon as he or she needs the information. This has been effectively achieved by 3 best iPad finance apps. These apps help you to check your savings, budget, retirement investments and your investment accounts on the go. These apps will also help you to monitor your credit card debt and manage your portfolio. Here are the 3 best iPad finance apps you must have.

Pageonce Money & Bills


“Excellent Money management Platform”

Pageonce Money & Bills are developed by Pageonce Inc. This is a money management platform with the capability to track all your finances at one place. It will not only keep track of how much you make and how much you spend, it will also remind you when bills are due and will also monitor your credit card transactions. If you are a member of frequent flier, it will be able to track your miles and your rewards. Although it can be used on iPhones and iPods too so long as the device has is 3 or higher, it best operates on iPad. The huge screen gives the additional screen space the app needs to give you all the information you. This provides one with a quick overview of his or her financial inflow and outflow. Apart from the reminders that help you stay on track, this app is also able to track your call minutes, data and text usage hence giving you precise phone bill. Pageonce Money and bills are also simple and easy to use hence can be used by anyone. The best part is that this app is available for free for iOS users.

Mint.com personal finance


“Manage your personal Finances”

The second best iPad finance app is the mint.com personal finance. Mint.com personal finance is developed by Mint.com. This app was developed to help compliment the online services already offered by mint.com and it succeeded in that. You can use the app with your mint.com account if you already have one or you can simply create an account using the app from you iPad if you are a new user. This app is able to import all activities across all your accounts and sum them together in an easy to understand interface. It also has a budget and reporting tools that allow the user to be in control of their finances anywhere they are at any time. The added advantage of this app that is secure and will protect all your PINs from wrong hands. The app will also sync all your devices and hence whether you are using your iPhone or the iPad, you are sure to have all data updated and correct.

Chase mobile

This free app is developed by the JPMorgan Chase and Co. The app provides the bank’s customers with innovative and unique mobile banking. It enables customers not only to see their statement balances, it also allows them to pay bills, deposit checks and send money to other people. It has frequent updates to ensure it remains reliable and secure. The app is available for free.

A Single Mom’s Guide to Dating: Tips for Successful Dating

After enduring a tough alimony and child support issues, you may have told you that men are off-limits and you’re happy with your solitude. But as the months would pass by, you may find yourself wishing to date again and possibly try your shot in love.

This article will help ease the dating jitters for the newly single mom. Dating after divorce can be scary. You may have your set of fears and you’re constantly on guard. You want to connect with someone but you’re afraid of how your kids will react to your newly-found relationship. The divorce was already heart-breaking and you’re also afraid of falling in love and getting hurt once again.

Dating for single mothers can be like diving into the unknown. However, you should not deny yourself the happiness of finding a partner that can make you happy. If you’re ready to date and have found strength to try your shot in love, here are the three tips for successful dating.

Try Online Dating


“An easy way to find someone”

Online dating sites offer a great opportunity for single mothers to announce to the world that they are ready for the dating market. Online dating is convenient because you can go online while your kids are off to school. You can have an adult conversation without necessarily preparing a dinner or pouring wine. Interaction is easy and you get to meet different people.
Online dating gives you the power to brand yourself. You can set up your profile and you can date a guy who is completely aware of your status. You can also narrow down what you’re looking for in a guy.

Online dating is a great option for dating for single mothers. You can choose to meet the person once you’ve known more about him through personal messaging.

Build Your Network

If you’d like to try dating the old-fashioned way, then it’s best to build a network of friends that can help you find love. You can set-up a dinner party and invite your friends. Your friends can introduce you to your future partner. Your friends can also help you build your dating profile online.

Use your network of friends to help you find love whether online or offline. Press them for people they can match with you. It’s easy to meet men who are recommended by friends because it means that these men were screened by your friends and they might have been prepped already about your life.

Stay in control.


“Set priorities on the first date”

After you’ve found your potential future mate, it’s vital that you stay in control. Use your best judgment when it comes to taking chances in love. Learn how to set boundaries and know what to prioritize. You’re playing different roles here. You’re a mother and a single gal. Missing your kid’s soccer practice may not sound appealing if you were out on a date with your potential mate.

Remember that these are just guidelines. It’s your decision to enter the dating scene. Just be sure that you’ve completely healed and you’re ready to love again.

3 Super Foods to Help Lose Weight

When people are dieting, they are not just cutting off their food intake; they need to have a managed and better planned food menu. Most people make mistakes by thinking that dieting is all about cutting off their food intake and reduce the amount of food they eat, but dieting is more about the menu arrangement and planning. They need to plan what they are eating and how they are going to eat the food.

Consuming the Super Foods


“The Super foods – Are you eating them?”

Most people think that they can always depend on the dietary supplements to help them lose weight, but there are actually more natural and safer ways to lose weight. When they consume the so called super foods, they can improve their health and lose weight at the same time. These super foods aren’t magical foods. They are just regular foods packed up with all the healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so they can make improvement to the way the body functions and works. When people want to lose weight and stay healthy, they need to include these foods into their daily intake so they can gain the benefits. Again, these foods aren’t magical foods. But when people are able to include them in their daily menu and dieting plan, they will feel the changes right away. There are super foods that people can consume on a daily basis.

The first category is the plain or low fat yougurt


“Looks Delicious –isn’t it?”

This type of yogurt has a high level of calcium, potassium, and also protein. Not to mention that the yogurt contains the healthy bacteria that can help in the digestive process. Another good point about the yogurt is that they can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant, so they are pretty safe and healthy. When people are able to find plain yogurt that is packed up with vitamin D and they add their own fruit option, they can have tasty and sweet snack option without having to worry about the sugar content, cholesterol, and other stuffs. Yogurt can also be mixed or combined with other foods, such as cookies, desserts, and smoothies. This dairy product is important for the nutrient needs on a daily basis, so people need to consider about consuming it.

The second super food is the eggs

They are tasty, flexible, nutritious, economical, and also healthy. They are rich in protein. A study shows that when people consume eggs during breakfast, they will consume fewer calories all through the day and they can shed off extra pounds without really affecting their cholesterol level. Eggs have 12 minerals and vitamins, including the so called choline, a substance that is responsible for the memory and brain development. Eggs can be consumed during mealtime or as snacks.

The third super food is the nuts


“Hold On – You need to eat them in proportion”

It is a bit tricky to consume the nuts because they have high levels of fat. But they are also packed with antioxidant and fiber. If people want to get the benefits from the nuts, they need to pay attention to the portion. As long as people consume the nuts in small portion – but on a regular basis – the nuts can help losing weight and reducing the cholesterol level. Nuts can be consumed as snacks or they can be added to baked goods, salads, or side dishes. When people want to consume the nuts, choose the one with 100 calories package.

3 Things You Can Do to Begin Saving More Money


“Begin to save money”

Cost, expense, outflows – these are the things you can do when you get your hard earned money. Just imagine you have worked 15 days to earn this much and you will only be giving them away for a day or two. And at the end of the day, you have nothing left but for allowance and more expense. Money that is supposed to be set aside for savings is gone with the wind. So what should you do to save more money for yourself, your loved ones and for your future?

Learn the Basics – have a cash flow journal

If you want to save more money, you need to understand just how money circulates in your lifestyle. You have to know what exactly is or are the source/s of your income. You also need to define your expense variables. You have to make your personal cash flows to document your cash ins and cash outs. Doing this will help you see just where your money seemed to go and why you just can’t put an amount to set aside and save.
It is simple enough to start a cash flow journal. It is the writing of all your expenses, collecting your receipts and tracking just where your money went that is hard to do. To help you with this, you can do the following:
1. Look for a personal finance sheet online and tweak it to make it more personal. This will decrease the time of your thinking for your cash variables, concocting the excel formula and the lot.
2. Block a time daily to enter cash flows (in or out). This is best done before you go to sleep.
3. Don’t throw away receipts and as much as possible, you do the buying. If you asked some else to buy something for you, write it down in a scratch of paper and transfer it later on a sheet of paper or list.
4. Do this religiously. Don’t miss a day and if you did, be sure to do the journal first thing in the morning.
Make this your habit. While the journal might not save you more money, it will allow you to have a record that will show how you spend your money and how you can earn more.

Add and subtract – Earn more to save more


“Are you spending more than you save?”

When you know where you can earn, find ways where you can earn more. Evaluate what talents you still got. The thing is that if you want to save more, you don’t just eliminate excessive spending; you have to add more income.
If having more income is not yet a possibility or you don’t have any idea yet how to generate more income, you focus on decreasing your expenses. Identify priority and never ever indulges in impulsive buying. Whatever you do or plan to buy, write it up and set a time in which you can buy it.
If you have found a way to earn more income, don’t look at this as ‘extra’ income. This is like a notice to your mind telling it to suggest things you want to buy. So turn the ‘extra’ income off and treat your added income as it is, an added income for your to save more.

Develop your habit of saving

If you have identified your cash flow variables, you set an amount for each. Include savings variables as expense and discipline yourself to follow your expense plan. You might find it hard in the beginning but if you get the hang of it, you will see how it would be a second nature to you to just save.

3 Tips for Brushing Up Your LinkedIn Resume


“Brush up your LinkedIn Resume”

Do you get loads of online invitations to connect with friends and associates? Are you interested in increasing your sales? Are you looking for your dream job? Do you want to find new ways to market or brand your business?
Social media has made connecting easy. Contacts can be made with the convenience of a click. Correspondence no longer has to take ages just to get a reply. Updates in business are now easy to acquire thanks to the website of any company.
Facebook with its 500 million users is the most widely used social networking sites. An industry leader setting the tone for how social networking is to be used: catching up with friends and family, post pictures of cats or allow users to share their most intimate thoughts. It’s free and everybody above 13 years of age can join.
Creating contacts for purposes of professional networking appears to be a secondary afterthought.

Why LinkedIn?


“The best way to build your network”

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is upfront about charging for its services. Strangely, this has not driven away potential customers. Building on its unique capacity to target a specific crowd, it attracts professionals and business owners wanting to bring their name or brand to the next level.
Credibility is the currency of this social media site and if you’re sniffing around for a job, wishing to forge connections with colleagues or simply finding a way to raise revenue, LinkedIn is the answer for you.

How to take advantage of your LinkedIn Profile

Experience and connection are the 2 main qualities LinkedIn members can take advantage of. Job seekers and employers wishing to unlock the potential in their profiles can learn from these along with these 3 easy tips:
Create a compelling profile – Your profile is your online personality and just like in the real world, first impressions matter.
Your contacts will view your profile and make assumptions based on what they see. Building on your experience will establish you as an authority in your field and present you with very viable options.
Put your best foot forward by emphasizing your positive attributes while capitalizing on your experience. If you don’t capitalize on your experience, you’ll be missing out on your success strategy.

Use keywords to facilitate easier search

LinkedIn is a database with 100 million resumes making it the largest searchable resume database in the world.
With the use of keywords, the Advanced People Search or the Status Updates of LinkedIn, allow you to shortlist qualified people in the industry may narrow down the search. This can even be localized using relevant geographic criteria.
Your searches can even be saved allowing you to return to it at a later time.
Build a solid base of connections – As a general rule, connect with people you like and trust. And this is fine considering that you are actually building a network that may someday act as your safety net.
LinkedIn, however, extends this definition of connecting by allowing you to connect with people whom you may want to connect – a thought leader, an emerging authority – someone whom you see could be a possible source of answers in the future.
Do not just connect unnecessarily, find a reason for connecting – a shared experience, working in the same industry, – be discriminating in your connections. You never know when an innocent encounter with an unknown startup can one day turn out to be a respectable professional ally.