3 Super Foods to Help Lose Weight

When people are dieting, they are not just cutting off their food intake; they need to have a managed and better planned food menu. Most people make mistakes by thinking that dieting is all about cutting off their food intake and reduce the amount of food they eat, but dieting is more about the menu arrangement and planning. They need to plan what they are eating and how they are going to eat the food.

Consuming the Super Foods


“The Super foods – Are you eating them?”

Most people think that they can always depend on the dietary supplements to help them lose weight, but there are actually more natural and safer ways to lose weight. When they consume the so called super foods, they can improve their health and lose weight at the same time. These super foods aren’t magical foods. They are just regular foods packed up with all the healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so they can make improvement to the way the body functions and works. When people want to lose weight and stay healthy, they need to include these foods into their daily intake so they can gain the benefits. Again, these foods aren’t magical foods. But when people are able to include them in their daily menu and dieting plan, they will feel the changes right away. There are super foods that people can consume on a daily basis.

The first category is the plain or low fat yougurt


“Looks Delicious –isn’t it?”

This type of yogurt has a high level of calcium, potassium, and also protein. Not to mention that the yogurt contains the healthy bacteria that can help in the digestive process. Another good point about the yogurt is that they can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant, so they are pretty safe and healthy. When people are able to find plain yogurt that is packed up with vitamin D and they add their own fruit option, they can have tasty and sweet snack option without having to worry about the sugar content, cholesterol, and other stuffs. Yogurt can also be mixed or combined with other foods, such as cookies, desserts, and smoothies. This dairy product is important for the nutrient needs on a daily basis, so people need to consider about consuming it.

The second super food is the eggs

They are tasty, flexible, nutritious, economical, and also healthy. They are rich in protein. A study shows that when people consume eggs during breakfast, they will consume fewer calories all through the day and they can shed off extra pounds without really affecting their cholesterol level. Eggs have 12 minerals and vitamins, including the so called choline, a substance that is responsible for the memory and brain development. Eggs can be consumed during mealtime or as snacks.

The third super food is the nuts


“Hold On – You need to eat them in proportion”

It is a bit tricky to consume the nuts because they have high levels of fat. But they are also packed with antioxidant and fiber. If people want to get the benefits from the nuts, they need to pay attention to the portion. As long as people consume the nuts in small portion – but on a regular basis – the nuts can help losing weight and reducing the cholesterol level. Nuts can be consumed as snacks or they can be added to baked goods, salads, or side dishes. When people want to consume the nuts, choose the one with 100 calories package.

3 Things You Can Do to Begin Saving More Money


“Begin to save money”

Cost, expense, outflows – these are the things you can do when you get your hard earned money. Just imagine you have worked 15 days to earn this much and you will only be giving them away for a day or two. And at the end of the day, you have nothing left but for allowance and more expense. Money that is supposed to be set aside for savings is gone with the wind. So what should you do to save more money for yourself, your loved ones and for your future?

Learn the Basics – have a cash flow journal

If you want to save more money, you need to understand just how money circulates in your lifestyle. You have to know what exactly is or are the source/s of your income. You also need to define your expense variables. You have to make your personal cash flows to document your cash ins and cash outs. Doing this will help you see just where your money seemed to go and why you just can’t put an amount to set aside and save.
It is simple enough to start a cash flow journal. It is the writing of all your expenses, collecting your receipts and tracking just where your money went that is hard to do. To help you with this, you can do the following:
1. Look for a personal finance sheet online and tweak it to make it more personal. This will decrease the time of your thinking for your cash variables, concocting the excel formula and the lot.
2. Block a time daily to enter cash flows (in or out). This is best done before you go to sleep.
3. Don’t throw away receipts and as much as possible, you do the buying. If you asked some else to buy something for you, write it down in a scratch of paper and transfer it later on a sheet of paper or list.
4. Do this religiously. Don’t miss a day and if you did, be sure to do the journal first thing in the morning.
Make this your habit. While the journal might not save you more money, it will allow you to have a record that will show how you spend your money and how you can earn more.

Add and subtract – Earn more to save more


“Are you spending more than you save?”

When you know where you can earn, find ways where you can earn more. Evaluate what talents you still got. The thing is that if you want to save more, you don’t just eliminate excessive spending; you have to add more income.
If having more income is not yet a possibility or you don’t have any idea yet how to generate more income, you focus on decreasing your expenses. Identify priority and never ever indulges in impulsive buying. Whatever you do or plan to buy, write it up and set a time in which you can buy it.
If you have found a way to earn more income, don’t look at this as ‘extra’ income. This is like a notice to your mind telling it to suggest things you want to buy. So turn the ‘extra’ income off and treat your added income as it is, an added income for your to save more.

Develop your habit of saving

If you have identified your cash flow variables, you set an amount for each. Include savings variables as expense and discipline yourself to follow your expense plan. You might find it hard in the beginning but if you get the hang of it, you will see how it would be a second nature to you to just save.

3 Tips for Brushing Up Your LinkedIn Resume


“Brush up your LinkedIn Resume”

Do you get loads of online invitations to connect with friends and associates? Are you interested in increasing your sales? Are you looking for your dream job? Do you want to find new ways to market or brand your business?
Social media has made connecting easy. Contacts can be made with the convenience of a click. Correspondence no longer has to take ages just to get a reply. Updates in business are now easy to acquire thanks to the website of any company.
Facebook with its 500 million users is the most widely used social networking sites. An industry leader setting the tone for how social networking is to be used: catching up with friends and family, post pictures of cats or allow users to share their most intimate thoughts. It’s free and everybody above 13 years of age can join.
Creating contacts for purposes of professional networking appears to be a secondary afterthought.

Why LinkedIn?


“The best way to build your network”

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is upfront about charging for its services. Strangely, this has not driven away potential customers. Building on its unique capacity to target a specific crowd, it attracts professionals and business owners wanting to bring their name or brand to the next level.
Credibility is the currency of this social media site and if you’re sniffing around for a job, wishing to forge connections with colleagues or simply finding a way to raise revenue, LinkedIn is the answer for you.

How to take advantage of your LinkedIn Profile

Experience and connection are the 2 main qualities LinkedIn members can take advantage of. Job seekers and employers wishing to unlock the potential in their profiles can learn from these along with these 3 easy tips:
Create a compelling profile – Your profile is your online personality and just like in the real world, first impressions matter.
Your contacts will view your profile and make assumptions based on what they see. Building on your experience will establish you as an authority in your field and present you with very viable options.
Put your best foot forward by emphasizing your positive attributes while capitalizing on your experience. If you don’t capitalize on your experience, you’ll be missing out on your success strategy.

Use keywords to facilitate easier search

LinkedIn is a database with 100 million resumes making it the largest searchable resume database in the world.
With the use of keywords, the Advanced People Search or the Status Updates of LinkedIn, allow you to shortlist qualified people in the industry may narrow down the search. This can even be localized using relevant geographic criteria.
Your searches can even be saved allowing you to return to it at a later time.
Build a solid base of connections – As a general rule, connect with people you like and trust. And this is fine considering that you are actually building a network that may someday act as your safety net.
LinkedIn, however, extends this definition of connecting by allowing you to connect with people whom you may want to connect – a thought leader, an emerging authority – someone whom you see could be a possible source of answers in the future.
Do not just connect unnecessarily, find a reason for connecting – a shared experience, working in the same industry, – be discriminating in your connections. You never know when an innocent encounter with an unknown startup can one day turn out to be a respectable professional ally.